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Homeschooling many children on different levels can be a challenge. I have heard more than once, "how do you do it all?" It's called Multilevel teaching! I hope to inspire "Moms of Many" with my thoughts, ideas, trials and errors, plus discuss books, and curriculum that work for homeschooling larger families.

Location: Alabama, United States

I am the wife of a wonderful man, and a stay-at-home homeschooling Mom to 6 bright children so far. We have an awesome time with our homeschooling, and I hope I am leading my children into a love of and lifetime of learning through good books. I am also the Editor/Publisher of a Homeschool Support Group Newsletter, and a Homeschool Co-op Teacher. I teach both preschoolers, and journalism students. My journalism students put out a monthly newspaper called The Crusader.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Now you might be thinking, “How do you get the older children to concentrate with a younger child sitting at the table too?” Well, for many of our subjects, I am reading the same lesson to all the children. Then they are doing their own activities at their own level. Hunter (5th grade) may build a pyramid out of sugar cubes, while Logan (Kindergarten) is making an Egyptian bracelet out of clay. Payton Nicole (4th grade) can be working on the Saxon Math 54 Dive CD, while Courtney (3rd grade) is doing her Saxon Math 3 timed worksheet. When it comes to the subjects like Language Arts, the older children are given their work, and they work diligently at it, while Mom is doing phonics with Logan.

I am a determined person, and my children seem to be determined too. We do have a rule though: You can’t play with your friends, or go outside until your schoolwork is done. Trust me, they finish in the 4 hours! :)

By the way, during our schooltime, I still have a baby and toddler to keep busy! :::giggle::: God is so good!

Happy Homeschooling!


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