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Homeschooling many children on different levels can be a challenge. I have heard more than once, "how do you do it all?" It's called Multilevel teaching! I hope to inspire "Moms of Many" with my thoughts, ideas, trials and errors, plus discuss books, and curriculum that work for homeschooling larger families.

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I am the wife of a wonderful man, and a stay-at-home homeschooling Mom to 6 bright children so far. We have an awesome time with our homeschooling, and I hope I am leading my children into a love of and lifetime of learning through good books. I am also the Editor/Publisher of a Homeschool Support Group Newsletter, and a Homeschool Co-op Teacher. I teach both preschoolers, and journalism students. My journalism students put out a monthly newspaper called The Crusader.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Books, books, books

You are a Mom of Many my dear, and to save some time, money, and sanity, you need to combine the classes you can. We use a more literature based approach, which provides my multitude a great education! So here is what we are using. I get almost all my curriculum through Rainbow Resource: We also use many great books to enrich our homeschooling experience. What we can't find at the library, we can find at Books-A-Million, or order from Amazon.

Bible:well, we use the Bible of course. Mom reads the daily verses, and then we talk about what the verses mean. The little ones do get a bedtime Bible Story!

Math: can check it out at, everyone gets there own level in math, this is one of those classes you just can't combine easily! Buy it through Rainbow Resource. The Dive CD-Rom really helps, by teaching lessons on the computer...this is available for Saxon 5/4 and up.

History:We love Beautiful Feet for History...available at, and we like Story of the World Volumes 1-4...available at Rainbow Resource. Story of the World has their reading on CD's...yeaaaaa!!! A real time saver for Mom! All our History is done together.

Science: We use God's Design for Heaven and Earth series, God's Design for Life series, and God's Design for Chemistry series. Everyone does the same science, together. For upper grades we will use Apologia Science, and this is done by the student with minimal assistance from Mom. All these science materials are available at Rainbow Resource.

Language Arts: (we do this all during the same hour, although they aren't all learning the same thing necessarily) Phonics is Phonics Pathways. Spelling is Spelling Power. Grammar is Daily Grams. Handwriting is copywork and dictation and journaling. Pathway Readers for reading. All of these are available through Rainbow Resource. We use the old version of Learning Language Arts Through Literature for our Language Arts...these can be very inexpensive, and can be found on Ebay.

Happy Homeschooling!


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